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Thank You Ward 3 & 4 for your support.

Looking forward to work with you.

To listen to, learn from and partner with students, educators, parents and supporters in the journey of nurturing a holistic learning experience. Our whole community is integral in creating and sustaining lifelong experiences, changes, and growth within and outside the classroom within York Region District School Board (YRDSB).

The seeds I plan to sow...

Students – Open Doors to Expanded Opportunities 

  • Allocate funding for more experiential learning opportunities for all grades 

  • Continue building of  STEAM programs 

  • Earlier introduction to ‘hands on’ career pathways, including incorporating skilled trades prior to high school

  • Foster sense of belonging through equitable and inclusive culture for all students


Educators– Focus on holistic success 

  • Implement strategies to support a healthy and safe work environment

  • Prioritize holistic wellness of educators, including mental, physical, social and spiritual health 

  • Advocate for optimized student to teacher ratios within the classroom 

  • Support ongoing professional and personal development

  • Incentivize and recognize leaders delivering valuable extra-curricular programming for students 


Parents and Supporters – Involve as Learning Partners 

  • Share transparent communication about ongoing development delivered by Trustee 

  • More targeted opportunities to engage with students on-site 

  • Ensure collaborative spaces for feedback from parents and supporters 

  • Broaden knowledge about alternative pathways beyond high school including, OYAP, SHSM and Co-op​

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